Dual Use Example

This floor plan is indicative of how Murphy beds can multiply living space. Here, a fairly standard one bedroom apartment, with the help of two Murphy beds, transform the living space dramatically.

The “bedroom”, is transformed into an office by closing the bed and moving a table and chairs into place. At night, the bedroom/office reverts to a bedroom when the table and chairs are moved out of the wya and the bed is opened.

If someone needs to stay the night, the living room can be transformed into a bedroom very easily by rearranging a few pieces of furniture and opening the Murphy bed in that room with very little effort.

Murphy beds currently are kind of novel since many people haven’t even heard of them. Therefore, for most people who might be new to the concept, they are a lot of fun to sleep in. Don’t be surprised when friends and family seem to be finding reasons to initiate a stay over. Murphy beds can put your “hospitality index” through the roof.

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